Harmony 2: A Beautiful Color Palette Game for iOS

Harmony 2: A Beautiful Color Palette Game for iOS

har•mo•ny 2 is an innovative iOS game that brings together beautiful color palettes and an immersive soundtrack. As you solve puzzles, you unlock awesome wallpapers that you can download for your phone. Check out the video below for a glimpse of the har•mo•ny 2 experience.

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Hello... can someone from the admin team please notify the tech team or whoever runs colourlovers.com that there are technical problems lots of users are having? See this thread for info.


Harmony 2 is currently on sale 75% off for only $0.99 - grab it while the sale lasts!



Thanks Kareena! Hope you enjoy the game - let me know what you think!


i got this and it's so awesome! :3


interesting to a point

Sara Elizabeth

so i got the original harmony, the 1st one for android, alreaady at level 26. I am loving the challenge!

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