Visionary Fractal Art by Spiritual Digital Art

Visionary Fractal Art by Spiritual Digital Art

Craig Hitchens (aka Spiritual Digital Art) is a newcomer to Creative Market and I'm completely enamored of his work. He creates images that are made from fractals and are manipulated to have a mystical, metaphysical, and spiritual feel. In addition, he adds some words of inspiration to propel you along your path to happiness, peace and wisdom.

Begin Again

All Worlds Are But One

Brain Spark



The Dharmakaya

Ancient Star Chart

Dreaming The World 

Illuminated Gateway

Clarity Prevails

 Celestial Abundance


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These photos are gorgeous! I have a bunch of my own, that are quite similar to these, and I love using them as palette inspiration. Thank you for sharing this with us. - Jesse
So pretty.... I have new ideas to mix colors now! XD
They're absolutely lovely! The colours go so harmoniously together, it's like they were made for one another.
i C some nice psy/goa trance release artworks in here <3 Ai LAik!

goa-d luck for your future works pls keep the spirit!
All are very good and inspiring. The illuminated gateway is angelic ! Celestial Abundance is my favourite though.

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