The Beauty Of Beaches

The Beauty Of Beaches

I ran across an article the other day and I was amazed by the completely stunning photos of a beach illuminated by the glowing phytoplankton. I was mesmerized by its elegance and moreover the fact that Mother Nature never ceases to create awe-inspiring beauty in this world.


I would love to be able to see such a site one day in person. For now though, just seeing these images made me feel really lucky to live in San Francisco. While we don't have bioluminescent phytoplankton, I am still able to picnic on the beach even in the "winter" months.  For this native mid-westerner, that is amazing in and of itself. I felt the urge to find some other amazing beach photos, which are so easy to get lost in.

Feeling a little beachy yourself? Let's take a look at some inspirational web design elements that can be added to your next project.

Blurred Beaches by PixelCave

Here is a set of background images that will be sure to serve great as backgrounds or graphic content for your landing page, your blog, your application or your website!

6 Beach Motion Blur Textures by Scrabooli Studio

These images were 'found' on a beautiful rocky coastline in the far North West of Tasmania.

Sea Landscapes by LumeStudio


What are some of your favorite beaches to visit?


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Nature always knows best when it comes to colour , sunsets at the shore , ultramarine waves , glowing fish and coral , crabs , seashels , starfish :o

fat spectre

well, I liked everything before the blatant advertising, those top photos are gorgeous...

I've never been to any beach, so I have no favorite beaches to visit.

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