The Marriage of Photoshop and Typography

The Marriage of Photoshop and Typography

When browsing through the Creative Market site recently, I noticed a lot of amazing looking text. I'm currently working on a project of my own and have been blown away by some of the text effects that I have found. Take a look at this awesome collection of Photoshop effects that you can use today!

Glass and Water Photoshop Styles by Design Panoply

This Photoshop styles glass and water pack looks amazing and contains styles ranging from smooth water to refractive diamond.

Metal Photoshop Pack 1 by Design Panoply

This Photoshop styles metal pack contains 9 metallic styles ranging from reflective chrome to realistic brushed nickel.

Metal Photoshop Pack 2 by Design Panoply

Another metal pack with styles such as scuffed steel to royal pewter.

Old Movie Titles Smart Kit Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 by GunzKingzArt Store

This kit of Layer Styles is inspired by the original titles of American Famous Films and Film Noir of 1920-1950.

3D Metal by Creativenauts

This Photoshop bundle comes with cutting-edge 3D metal effects.

3D Superhero Styles by Creativenauts

I love these 3D Superhero layer styles and effects.

Fire Text Effects by Creativenauts

Create a fiery look that will heat up your design!

Chrome Text Styles by Creativenauts

This is a great collection of reflective biker chrome Photoshop text effects and layer styles.

 Super Spray by Design Arsenal

SuperSpray is a unique Photoshop plugin. It lets you spray transparent png images on your canvas.

Label Maker Punch Type by jeffportaro

Full alphabet and number set of label maker punch type Photoshop brushes for creating styled text, backgrounds, textures, other graphics, and whatever you want.

20 Best Pressed and Embossed by Premium Photoshop Add-ons

Here is a very eloquent text effect of pressed and embossed Photoshop layer styles plus buttons

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some of these are cool, too bad it's highly unlikely that I'd actually pay for layer styles anytime soon, since I rarely use them in the first place.

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