Colorful Watercolor Birds

Colorful Watercolor Birds

There's something incredibly romantic, sweet, and simple about watercolor. It's great to see colors blend together, and create new variations. We've fallen in love with watercolor art recently, and found two amazing artists who have done a great job creating whimsical watercolor birds.

Watercolor Birds by Dean Crouser

Dean Crouser is an Oregon based artist who tries to keep his work simple, beautiful, and elegant.  These birds are incredibly artistic and show an amazing amount of depth and emotion.

Birds by Abby

Abby is an illustrator and artist based in Pennsylvania. A recent college graduate, she spends her time trying new things with art, and exploring her creativity. We love the colorful way she uses watercolor.

*Featured Image from Abby Diamond's Society6 Profile

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Wow. What else can you say? These are gorgeous.

Miss May

Love these bird portraits! Simply Stunning!

Thereza Sendas

Very beautiful! Congrats.


These are gorgeous!


One word for those....... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (with about a million exclamation marks)

Princess Azwa Amin

dont want to say anything about it ..............but some words.......marbelous,fab,stunning,awesome,beautiful.....


Amazing and beautiful:))


absolutely gorgeous!




Wow!! Such soft & wonderful colors!!

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