Colorful Paper Art by Yulia Brodskaya

Colorful Paper Art by Yulia Brodskaya

I absolutely love colorful handcrafted items, and Yulia's paper crafts are breathtaking. I am so impressed by how Yulia was able to create such intricate works of art by only using paper.

What do you think of these amazing pieces?

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Amazing art.How creative!What great ideas too!Love all Yulia's works:))


She is one of my favorite artists. I've been trying my hand at quilling because of her amazing works. Maybe someday I can get to be 1/10th of her level, lol. Thanks for featuring her in an article!

Satsuma Salli

Amazing. The man with the birds is especially beautiful.


Looks absolutely amazing! Very creative, and beautiful colours!


Amazing! I've got to try this. Thanks for sharing.


totally blown away, genius!

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