Ampersands, A Creative Collection

Ampersands, A Creative Collection

Who doesn't love the ampersand? It is one of those symbols that is used in a lot of designs and something that will class up any logo. Here is a collection of ampersands that people have created for various uses. How fun are these?

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This artistic Ampersand is the branding behind makeup company MAC teaming up with social community Milk for a campaign.





Which ones are you favorite? Do you use an ampersand in your design work?

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Really? Posting ads in comment boxes? This is a new advertisement low.


I love using ampersands where ever possible in design, they can add both a touch of class in pretty script texts and make the design look ultra modern with big & bold sans serif text like the examples above.
I like the Mac example but I would be more inclined to think that the collection is called & rather than mac & milk because of how bold and dominating it is. I also like the simple decorative style that the first example has.


My next tattoo might very well involve an ampersand. My favorite overall is Caslon 540 Italic:

...but there's no discounting the ones by Herb Lubalin:

Also love the Hoefler Text Italic Alternate:

Guess I have a thing for swash!


It is very nice this design and the color game


Great design with great color play.

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