MOO + COLOURlovers : Business Card Design Contest

MOO + COLOURlovers : Business Card Design Contest

Today MOO and COLOURlovers are coming together to bring you a business card color palette contest. Just think about it, you have the chance to spruce up a pack of business cards that many people will receive that is sure to brighten their day when they do. Of course we know that this is the perfect task for the COLOURlovers community since you are all great when it comes to playing with color, so check out how to enter below and get going.

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MOO is an online print company that creates a variety of materials including business cards, postcards, and MiniCards. The attention to design, focus on only a few products done well, and care for their customers, are just a few things that set MOO apart from other similar companies. Products that are high-quality are a must in making the best first impression possible, and MOO knows that, so they strive to offer top designs and make the process as easy as possible. Here are some of the pre-designed business card templates you will find at

How to Enter:

Submit your best 5 color palette for a MOO business card pack. Once you have created something you are proud of, show it off! The palette will be in the gallery to gain "love" from the community.

As a tip, you can adjust the width of each color using the red bar right above the palette color.

Submissions close at the end of the night on Sunday April 8, 2012. You will have the chance to gain love notes until April 12, 2012. We will announce the winner on Friday April 13. The top five most ‘loved’ designs will be announced as the winners and these five designs will be bundled as a new COLOURlovers pack and will be available for sale on

Once you create your awesome, check out the other entries and vote for your favorites.

The Prizes:

The people who created 5 most loved color palettes will each receive a $100 MOO voucher to be used at for any of their available products.

Not only will you receive a voucher, but the 5 most loved palettes will be included in the next set of COLOURlovers business cards by MOO.

Good luck and get designing!

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Is the link not working correctly or is it just me?

(I scratched out my email.) I don't get the colours, only this. And occasionally it routes me to a 404 No Love Here.

ETA: The above issue is in IE8. I got it to work in Chrome. Just an FYI.


Dang. This is an awesome contest! Too bad I gotta sit this one out.


Why you gotta sit it out OrigamiMei?


I won the last contest. So, to be fair, I'm going to sit this out. :D

aepstein wrote:
Why you gotta sit it out OrigamiMei?


Aww mei.... :D I still think you ought to take a stab at it. ;)

OrigamiMei wrote:
I won the last contest. So, to be fair, I'm going to sit this out. :D

aepstein wrote:
Why you gotta sit it out OrigamiMei?


thicket wrote:
I like it!

creativcolor wrote:
My entry -->

tq thicket


I feel the same because of the socks contest. :x

OrigamiMei wrote:
I won the last contest. So, to be fair, I'm going to sit this out. :D

aepstein wrote:
Why you gotta sit it out OrigamiMei?


One of my most loved palettes

obsessed with magenta & blue lately.


Ok ok! Just one! Dang you, Molly, for your bad influence! :P
Don't vote for this, whatever you do. Bad things will happen. Your mom might get run over by a Jamaican bob-sledding team or something.


This is my first contest and I love moo!!

Here is my entry:

We're getting married this December and I found the perfect colours here at ColourLovers! It's a fun take on the spring elements : Grass, Trees, Sun, Flowers, & Sky.
We're sure to have a wedding that will leave our guests feeling fresh, calm and happy.


Good call on the randomness of the palettes viewed! Makes it a lot more fair, as before certain palettes got a lot more attention than others...

Haven't made any yet :P


My first time entering a contest here...
Wildflower Romance

My friends have tried to vote and it's not counting they have to be logged in members or something to vote?


Also, how do I make the palette show here? :)

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