Remembering & Honoring a Friend: Sunmeadow

Remembering & Honoring a Friend: Sunmeadow

Life is a fragile thing and it always hurts the heart when somebody passes well before their time. We're deeply saddened by the loss of one of our active, loving, creative & supportive members; sunmeadow. She leaves many friends here in our community and we're incredibly honored to have the privilege to continue hosting & sharing her creations with the world. We may have 1.5 million members now, but every single one is important to me and is greatly appreciated. We love you sunmeadow and thank you for all you shared with us and all the inspiration you will continue to share.

A close friend of hers let me know of the sad news. They also noted that she was a very private person and that she would appreciate her personal details not be shared here. I will respect her wishes and ask you to do the same.

Her last palette randomly created was entitled "Wings To Fly" and I believe she has them now. I can't possibly honor all that she shared here with us in one post, but I'll share some of her most popular creations below... and please feel free to share yours in the comments.

Sunmeadow: Colors | Palettes | Patterns | Templates

Singing_Angels Winters_Glow

In_Silence_I_Grieve Be_Yourself

Forever_Young Sweetest_Goodbye

Wings_To_Fly The_Way_You_Love_Me

If_We_Should_Meet The_Power_to_Move_Me

Sneaking_Up_on_You Wishes_Come_True

Sunmeadow also created hundreds of beautiful pattern templates. Here are just some of them:

Dulce_Aroma Colo_Red_Cluster

Echo_of_the_Sun A_Game_of_Love

wish_hearts must_say_pretty

Thank you Sunmeadow. Rest in peace.

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I am picturing your beautiful creations coming to life where you are now. I'm sure you are still creating amazing things and someday, I will get to play too.
In tribute - I'm still deeply saddened at the news - comforted that Sunmeadow will still shine on!

Thank you Mr. Larsen for sharing with us the details of Suzie's life and passing. As strangers who knew her on the web, it was just a shock to both see how suddenly she passed, and how much she had affected me and so many other regular and new members here. Your telling us of these details makes it feel like I knew her personally. I could have worked with her or been part of a hobby group with her. The Internet may be a disembodied space but we are all people, and there are real people behind these usernames, these digital personas.

Your daughter was incredibly gifted and for that you and Suzi's family and friends deserve a lot of thanks. So thank you. And I also hope that you can find some comfort in the outpouring of love that has come from people on this site.

if_we..go_crazy(T2)" />
Born 1974, oh she is so close to my age. Life really is a fragile thing.
I'm saddened to learn of her passing, and rueful that I have not really had much crossing of paths with her on here. She must have been a wonderful person to have known. My deepest condolences to her family and friends. Sunmeadow, may you rest in peace, where meadows are perpetually sunny, blooming and beautiful.
I'm still in shock, just saw the message from ketisse!
I don't really know what to say. My thoughts are with the family and friends.

May you rest in peace Sun.
Oh, I just saw this. How heartbreaking. We'll all miss you, sunmeadow! xoxox
I just can't believe.. she was so talented and touched so many lives, a true inspiration.

When I joined this site, I knew nothing about color. Two years later, still don't know anything about color, but I learned some things about life.. We will miss you, Sun.

You will be remembered.
This is so sad...she will be deeply missed. May you rest in peace dearest friend.
Thats terribly sad news. She leaves a legacy of colour and pattern for us all. Thank you Sunmeadow. Have peace.
I found this pattern I created using Sunmeadow's template. It was a foreshadowing I didn't even realize then that would come too soon.
Another haiku in remembrance of sunmeadow on what would have been her 2nd anniversary as a COLOURlover. ~ketisse
➽ sunmeadow's sunmeadow 1LP


In Remembrance of Sunmeadow

1973 - 2012

Over the loss of Suzi, we extend our deepest sympathy to the Larsen family.

~ The Freeze Frame Project group




















Meadows_in_HeavenSunmeadows_Heaven In memory of Sunmeadow
"Farewell, my young Muse! since we now can ne'er meet;
If our songs have been languid, they surely are few:
Let us hope that the present at least will be sweet---
The present---which seals our eternal Adieu."

Farewell To The Muse
by Lord Byron

Candles for Sunmeadow

Thank you Suzi, for helping me learn how to create patterns. I didn't know how to use the Seamless Software until you taught me. I will continue to challenge myself to learn and to have fun, while thinking of you.
sleep eclipsed sun, close your gentle loving eyes,
rest in the big sky meadow of eternal time

I did not get the chance to have personal exchanges with sunmeadow, although she kindly sent me a beautiful congratulatory gift on the occasion of my 100 followers last month. So I have come to know her through her spirited, spirit-filled templates and by reading through the names she gave her colours, many containing the word "time". This story was inspired by what I felt to be the meaning behind her colour "time is like perfume": valuable, lovely, but fleeting.

in the sky above:
Be there -
time is like perfume.

Thank you, sunmeadow, for the time you shared with us.


➽ sunmeadow's sunmeadow 1LP

update Apr. 9th: I have now chosen an additional of sunmeadow's templates to reflect this palette, this time with emphasis on her line "time is like perfume".
Wow. I'm really going to miss Suzi. =(

Love to her family, friends and colourlovers.
(Darius, Symea, Jeremy, everyone, thank you)

I'm so sorry to hear of your daughters passing Mr Larsen. Any of the good people here at Colourlovers are capable of downloading these comments for you. However, I think they will continue to grow even as Suzi is discovered, remembered and reloved by all of us. It's what we do. Like many, I'm happy to think this community provided her great comfort because she was always very active and enjoyed it so much. She was a natural artist. And it was an every day thing. Love everyday is what she found here! I'm happy for that. And I'm happy to have loved her and her talents. Wished I could have said more, especially goodbye, but I like to think she knew how much we loved her and her gifts.

She loved my work and I adored her delicate creations. The two often went hand in hand so I loved her right back. In regards to her work, she has accumulated two years of templates, patterns, palettes and color designs. Quite a large library, which can be downloaded. I suggest contacting the CL Team to have them assist you so that you have them for your family records. That is, if they haven't contacted you about it already. Like her, they're beautiful and will be remembered and loved at Colourlovers.

Love, Michael
(the colors of this rainbow palette created on CL by Suzanne (Suzi) Larsen aka sunmeadow, master seamless template designer and beautiful colourlover)
made this a while ago...
I, too, was shocked and stunned at sunmeadow's early, untimely departure, strongly affected by the loss of someone I hadn't known in "real" life. To colour her templates now felt like walking through her empty house. This bouquet is the first expression I could bring.

My condolences to sunmeadow's family for their great loss.

Update Apr. 10th: I am now adding a pattern for this made from one of sunmeadow's own templates, a very delicate one, full of ethereal grace.
she_walks_in_beautyShe Walks in Beauty
she walks in beauty,
the sound of silence
singing in space.
peace be with you
you know i love you.

➽ sunmeadow's sunmeadow 1LP

update Easter Apr. 8th: I have now made a pattern for this from one of sunmeadow's many, which for me embodied the spirit of this poem:
Just beautiful - the words and the palette.
MichaelEdgerley wrote:
In loving memory of Sunmeadow, wonderful giving artist never shy in love. You will be cherished and missed here every day.

I just don't know what to say.
Editing to clarify: These are part of the Freeze Frame Project memorial for Sunmeadow. My thoughts and prayers have been going out to Sunmeadow's loved ones.

54 seconds


1 min 24 seconds



2 minutes 22 seconds


Artist Palette Challenge Group for Sunmeadow

Oh hana - how lovely!

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