With the advent of the internet the accessibility of information has never been more readily available than it is right now. All the answers are mere clicks away. But rather than stare at endless streams of data, creative minds have taken it upon themselves to reinvigorate the way information is displayed by transforming it into visual art.

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Today's infographic may very well put the pie chart to shame but this is by no means a modern marvel. The infographic has existed for as long as humans have sought to express themselves. With the rapid pace at which technology is advancing there has also been an artistic movement brewing within digital seams. We are building a bridge between an inherent need to be imaginative and seek creativity all while living in an age dominated by computers.

Here I give you a medley of infographics with perhaps an overstated pop of color because, as you know, we can all appreciate that here.


When you come home with empty pockets you know you had a great vacation and while the days ahead may have you regretting the whole thing ever happened the folks over at Bundle created the infographic: "America's Most Expensive Towns" so that in the future you will be armed with the information necessary to choose wisely!


Who knew the life of a graphic designer could be so intense! This infographic brought to you by The Design Bureau of Amerika breaks down the typical work day for these creatives and it's not pretty. But we do love the palette. Just saying...



Need a timeline on the history of communication? Atlassian has got you covered with this informative infographic "Communication Through the Ages" that gives us a history lesson on the progression of communication and its effect on our lives.



The music scene has been turned on its head since the emergence of Lady Gaga. Not only has her music tickled the ears of many "little monsters" but her ability to raise eyebrows with her questionable fashion choices makes her an absolute stand out. Inquiring minds may wonder "What Inspires you, Gaga?" Well this infographic has the answers.



We are a nation founded on many things but most importantly, we believe in beer. Beer of substance of course. The good people of Good decided to ask the vast, beer drinking citizens of this land for their opinion on which well-crafted brew they fancied the most in their home state. The results were displayed in this fun infographic titled "The United States of Good Beer." Word of caution: don’t stare for too long. The explosion of color may leave you feeling tipsy.



WHAM! BAM!! POWWWW!! Normally we associate these exclamations with comics but I think they fit just perfectly here. It's no joke when hacks attack. They've been on a rampage for thirty years. "Three Decades of Attacks" outlines major cyber attacks to have rocked the proverbial socks off of the internet.



Deep in the heart of New York City lies an emerald playground where art and nature pulsate. Central Park is renowned for its many attractions but because of its enormity, finding them can be tricky. But a stroll through the park just got easier thanks to and their graphic "Central Park Sculptures." More like a map of sorts, this infographic pin points the location of every sculpture in the park and includes a detailed history on my favorite art piece, Alice, of Lewis Carroll fame.



As a color loving community who can dispute the fact that green is a natural favorite. This verdant color is symbolic of many things and it's only right that it be given it's own infographic.  San Diego State University's College of Extended Studies annual green event focuses on sustainable initiatives that the color has come to signify. "Green Through the Ages" gives us an inside look on the history of the color and its environmental achievements.



When preparing for Burning Man, you may want to consider the following: the possibility of going insane, an involuntary helicopter ride to the nearest hospital, and the fact that something or someone will cut you. For those of you who have never heard of Burning Man this happily titled infographic "How You Will Get Hurt at Burning Man" by Good and hyperakt may scare you. To state the obvious, this annual event is not for the meek. This is a trek into a desert wasteland where actual blood, sweat and tears are shed to build Black Rock City.  You have been warned. Now go do it anyway.


In the time it has taken me to think of a clever caption millions of happenings have taken place across the world wide web. Adverblog colorfully captures 60 seconds of internet activity for your viewing pleasure.



 So September was National Sewing Month and has been since 1982. Didn't know? Well keep reading "National Sewing Month 2011" by Overstock and get schooled in the art of sewing. Find out where the term "corduroy" comes from and what a digitabulist is. What you won't learn is how to pronounce it...


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great selection of infographics! my fav has to be A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer - absolutely hilarious :D


Great selection! Thank you very much!

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