New Site Features: Profile Identities

New Site Features: Profile Identities

Another simple but useful feature has been granted an update on COLOURlovers. If you haven't discovered it already, check out your Identities under your Profile.

Login to and Go to: Account (located on the top bar next to your mail icon). Your Account page defaults to the Profile section of your Account.

Scroll down the Profile section past the General Information. Your identity section consists of an avatar, main picture and Identities and IM Screen Names. These have been updated to easily link out to your social networks and other types of sharing networks as well as your chat contact if you so choose. Hey, Spoonflower is even on there!

Big thanks to the COLOURlovers code geniuses!

...but wait there's more!

How the Identity Feature Works (in detail):

When you put your identities in to most sites, they make you copy/paste the exact link of your profile from whatever source for your identities. The problem here is that most sites grow over time and change happens in their code and the way things function. If the code isn't dealt with nicely, your identities may link to a dead Error Page and that's no good at all!

What we have done for the COLOURlovers Identities is made it simple - but might seem a little confusing at first. All you have to do is include your username or in some cases, your screen name for sites you are associated with that you want to include identities for.  Some examples:


Facebook might be a little confusing, so I'll cover it first.

  • - Go to and log in if you are not already so.
  • - When you are logged in and go, you will land on the main page for the News Feed of your friends and pages you are connected to. Click on YOUR name (top LEFT right next to your avatar/mini profile photo).

  • - You will then be viewing just YOUR updates on YOUR Wall and YOUR personal information to the public. Look at the top link in the browser, it will have changed to either your custom set URL on the tail-end or a numbered one. For example, my full facebook profile link reads and I will ONLY need to use the green highlighted area, "mollybermea" in the COLOURlovers Identity field for facebook.


Twitter is pretty simple. Your username on twitter is your Identity - this can be tricky because some people change their screen name to something different. If you want to double check, just go to your twitter page in a web browser... see my image (below). The green highlight is your account username name and what you will put in to the COLOURlovers Identity field for your twitter account.

flickr: is pretty simple too. After logging in, you will see on the TOP RIGHT who you are logged in as... or you can view the browser link (see below image, green highlights) by going to YOUR Photostream.

I could go on, but I just wanted to show a variety of ways to do a few. If you are having trouble finding the correct username to use for a certain Identity, please feel free to send me a love note and I will help. We will have this information also available in our soon to come, FAQ with EACH Identity addressed.

If there is an identity you would like added to the drop-down list, make sure you let us know.

header pattern:

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Thanks - I had noticed the addition of the Idenities several days, but I couldn't figure out how to add my info to them. Most sites I'm familiar require the full URL, and that's not the case here.

However, I cannot get the Facebook identity to work for me. I keep getting a Page Not Found error message from Facebook when I click the link that my profile produces. I've tried entering my email address, and also my name, which is how I'm identified on FB. Both give me the same error message.

Could you please give a little more detail how we are supposed to code our identities. Thank you.
Oh, I figured it out :) I still think it would be helpful to give more explanation here, it's not intuitive and It might save from others from the trial&error I had to do.
@jan4insight thanks for the insight on this. I chose to keep it simple rather than complicated, but let me update the post for a little more help especially since you have mentioned it, it would be useful to add now. :)

I am also used to sited needing a full URL, but I actually love how simple and smart the feature is. We're just used to doing it the complicated way. :D
Great info, Molly. Thanks for such a thorough post!
@funcolors no problem! :) thanks for mentioning that it was helpful! :)
Great update, Molly - it's simple for those who can get it on their own, and has all the detail needed for those who are confused by Facebook :)
@jan4insight thank you Jan. Yeah, I think facebook might have been the MOST confusing, but decided to include a few other examples. :)
Has anyone made this mustache pattern in seamless?
@saxarocks I'm not so sure what you mean? The link was at the footer of the post - but here is the template. :)

saxarocks wrote:
Has anyone made this mustache pattern in seamless?
thanks mollybermea
No problem! :)

tofrelouir wrote:
thanks mollybermea

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