MEMBERlove: Wordlinks Color Game

MEMBERlove: Wordlinks Color Game

Have you ever seen a [w] tag in a palette's name and wonder what is was? It's wordlinks, a fantastic game and creative exercise! Take a look at the description by praxicalidocious in the latest recruitment post for the game:

There is a delightful game here on CL, so delightful, in fact, that it has it's own dedicated group, wordlinks. (You might have seen a [w] palette tag, and wondered what it meant.)

Wordlinks are palettes where each colour is a part of a 'chain'; the name of each colour begins with the last word of the previous colour. Like so, since I can let badges do all the work:


...You see? (If you're more ambitious, and are lucky with the first colour (which is always the last colour from the previous palette in the chain; please try to keep this in mind when choosing your own final colour, to allow others a good starting point), the power of the word doubling lends tremendous dramatic weight to your 'scenelets'. (In [w], irony is always delicious!)

It's actually a lot easier than it looks, especially once you get the hang of the process. (I usually have two browser windows (not tabs, you'll want to see both at once) open, and notepad. One window has COPASO (or basic, if you prefer, though you'll lose the all-important 'scratch' function); the other has a search window for colours. ...I use notepad to keep track of the colour names.)

And then let loose. :) Posting guidelines ( see top of post for the link to the group) are simply that you post your palette badge, and the badge of the final colour. (A good title can be key to drawing attention to the theme of the wordlink.) ...Then sit back and watch the loves come in! Here are some examples to further whet your appetite:

[w]_Anti-itch_Cream cashmere_blanket blanket_of_roses roses_itch itchy_skin skin_cream

[w]_Unstoppable with_light light_curve Curve_Resistance Resistance_Gray Gray_Grind

[w]_ASPCA_Emergency less_a_feeling feeling_amorous Amorous_Toying Toying_with_me Me_and_My_Monkey

[w]_Boat_trip Assholes_Invasion Invasion_Of_The_Dull Dull_Uranium_Glass glass_bottomed_boat Boat_Trip

I hope that you enjoy the game as much as I do; I find that I feel very 'close' to the [w] palettes I've made. ...It is only fair I warn you though; once you've been bitten by the [w]monkey, there's no escape. :)Please come play a round with us! I would be only too happy to answer any questions, so please don't hesitate to ask. :)

Yours in Love & Colour,

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Great post and game! Thanks!
This sounds really interesting.. I MUST TRY IT OUT! :D
The palettes you showed are lovely!!
If you want to get a little more complex, like using the color of a specific person on top of the word - one of problem is that the color search doesn't always work very well... Can't figure it out, it work sometimes ... I think.
For an extra challenge, I like to create circular wordlinks where the last word of the last color in the palette also matches the first word of the first color.


Oh, and if you LOVE a pattern or a palette, or if you make them, please consider clicking LOVE on the colors that are in them.

Awesome! And here's trying my hand at it...
I must try it someday :)
Let me introduce you to the twins!

People twins may dress in identical colors, but wordlinked palette twins are dressed with similar NAMES of their COLORS: arranged side-by-side below.

Twin 1 and its colors are on the left; Twin 2 is on the right... no common color names were used and did I mention they are circular?! I know I sound like a parent.







great, guys. i only wish evad had given me credit for starting the game and the group. :( i'm just glad everyone loves it so much. [w]ow!

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