OX's Color Coordinated Street Art

OX's Color Coordinated Street Art

Fellow lover of life and color passed along the link to the work of French artist OX who lends their exceptional color sense to adbusting and billboard takeovers.

We can all agree (maybe) that advertisements are a visual intrusion; an abrupt, unwanted diversion from our otherwise cohesive cityscapes. I think it is clear that OX goes beyond just ridding us of corporate logos and buzzwords, instead melding the billboards with their surroundings and leaving a mark of color love. Jump over to OX's site to see an extensive collection of work and videos showing some of the billboard transformations.

OX_happy_sign OX_happy_sign_2

mmmm_color_pie Paris_lines

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incredible. how i love
Great ! Liked it
great stuff!
the top image reminds me of a "Tacky Tie Convention" :)

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