Studies in Color: The Work of Byron Kim

Studies in Color: The Work of Byron Kim

"Byron Kim (whose work we've admired before) belongs to a generation of artists striving to revitalize the practice of abstract painting and to make it relevant for contemporary times. Whereas the first, heroic generation of American abstract painters working after World War II brought international esteem to American art for the first time, they also adopted a grandiose, universalistic vision. In contrast, Kim infuses abstraction with humility and a down-to-earth objectivity that is quite a contrast to the flagrant subjectivity and egotism of his artistic forefathers. The honesty and freshness Kim brings to abstract painting distinguish him as one of the most important artists of his generation—and one of the first to transcend didactic definitions of “multiculturalism.” – Threshold: Byron Kim 1994–2000, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art


"The anecdote he told around his work 'Delacroix's Shadow,' was of how the artist had hired a cab to take him to the Louvre so he could look at how earlier artists had rendered shadows. The apocryphal story says that when Delacroix stepped outside, he saw the shadow under the hired cab. It was enough information, so he paid the driver and then went back inside to finish his painting. In Kim's riff, he suspends a band of taxi cab yellow a few inches away from the wall so that the grey rectangle beneath is divided horizontally into a darker band in the shadow of the protrusion, and a lighter grey band exposed to the full light of the exhibition space." – Visiting Artist Byron Kim, Leap Into the Void

Images from Max Protetch & MoMA

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