Eclectic Color Roundup: World Cup iPhone Cases, Palette Bookmarklet, Wallpaper Lovin' Bees & Body Sails

Eclectic Color Roundup: World Cup iPhone Cases, Palette Bookmarklet, Wallpaper Lovin' Bees & Body Sails


World Cup Collection From Uncommon

Uncommon Collections

The collection has all 32 qualifying team flags and four general soccer designs. Uncommon will be knocking teams out of the collection as they are knocked out of the tournament. So once your team is out, the flag case is gone.

API Love

Bookmarklet For Palette/Pattern Browser

Bookmarklet | Browser |  CL Forum

ycc2106 made a great bookmarklet for the palette/pattern browser a little while back. If you select a username with your cursor and click the bookmarklet it'll take you to the browser with that user's stuff. If you don't have anything selected it opens a window to enter the username. Super handy.

With permission, cuttlefish is hosting it now. Just drag the links into your bookmarks bar to use it.

Thanks ycc2106!

COLOURlovers Forum


Bees Use Flower Petals For Colorful Nest Wallpaper

Story @ NPR

When we think of bee nests, we often think of a giant hive, buzzing with social activity, worker bees and honey. But scientists recently discovered a rare, solitary type of bee that makes tiny nests by plastering together flower petals. - Continue Reading


Body Sails

Sporting Sails

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*blushing+flattered* Thank you to you! The way you write about it is so modest, it's touching. ^^'
Cuttlefish browser sure is "Super handy", I use it at least ~4-6 times in a session (with the bookmarklet ), so I really thank it's creator, sero*, for such a useful tool!

Beautiful those bee's nest. the NatGeo call them "Flower-Mud "Sandwiches"". They are so beautiful that I also thought of highlighting them here at CL, in a forum. So I'm glad you did it. =)

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