Themeleon : COLOURlove for Your Twitter Profile

We have more than 600k seamless background patterns and more than 1 million color palettes… Why aren’t more sites using our API to give their users beautiful options for their profiles? Sounds like a no-brainer right? Well, I met Evan Williams (@ev) from twitter a few weekends ago and I presented this idea to him. He was open to it, but Twitter was super busy working on other features… BUT if we built it he’d definitely check it out. Well, Ev… Here she is!

Introducing… Themeleon for Twitter. Custom Themes by COLOURlovers

Ok… So he likes it… He really likes it!

@ev “Holy crap, this is rad: @COLOURlovers built a Twitter theme designer:”

So does Twitter!
@Twitter “Can’t get enough of the @COLOURlovers app! A slick customization tool for your Twitter background. #appwednesday”

A Beautiful Twitter Profile in 3 Simple Steps:

1.) Login to Twitter

2.) Choose your background (pattern or photo) and your colors

3.) Save your settings. & Share your work

Browse Your COLOURlovers Creations & Faves

Want to create your theme using your own palettes and patterns from COLOURlovers?

Login and browse your New & Top patterns or palettes as well as your Favorite New & Top.

Use the Tools Luke!

Apply. Although the wording is a bit cumbersome. You can apply the colors you have in your pattern to your color settings below & you can also apply colors you have in your settings below to a pattern template. *Click each of the buttons, it’ll be obvious what they do… and then help us improve the wording on them :)*

Shuffle. Click the button to give you some inspiration by mixing up the order of the colors in your settings area.

Undo. Oops. Didn’t mean to click there? Not sure what you were thinking with that last color choice? No worries, just click the undo button. (You can click it more than once to correct a spree of mis-clicking.)

-Drag & Drop. Click and drag any of the 5 color squares in your pattern preview or down in your color settings to change their order.

*New* DHTML Color Picker

While building themeleon we decided it was time to give our DHTML color picker a refresh. We not only updated the aesthetic we made it a bit bigger so the (S) Saturation and (V) Brightness sliders can fully display all 255 steps. We’ll soon be releasing the code for this picker under the same terms as our previous picker to be freely used in any of your projects. (We did remove CMYK from this version for now as the conversions weren’t working perfectly. It will find its way back in when we have it locked down.)

Use Themeleon on Your Site

Have a site that lets users customize their profile or create themes? Want to plug into the COLOURlovers API and use themeleon on your site? Let’s talk! Hit me up @dariusmonsef or us @COLOURlovers… or just use our contact form ;)

Theme Leon? What does that mean?
No, no… Thee-mee-lee-uhn. Like Chameleon. Get it? As in a chameleon can change its colors… and you can change your theme colors… We’re so proud of ourselves on this one. We didn’t even go with our old trusty and take the first few lettes to make up a name… COlor PAlette SOftware (COPASO) & PHoto COlor PAlettes (PHOTOCOPA).

Author: COLOURlover
My name is Darius A Monsef IV & my friends call me Bub(s)(ba). Chief Lover at / Cofounder of Founder, Philanthropist, Designer, Builder & Writer. P.S. I love you.