Why Our Hair Turns Grey

Why Our Hair Turns Grey

Unfortunately, it 's not directly related to the amount of wisdom one holds but rather the amount of hydrogen peroxide built up in your hair follicles.

"Not only blondes change their hair color with hydrogen peroxide," said Gerald Weissmann, MD, Editor-in-Chief of The FASEB Journal. "All of our hair cells make a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide, but as we get older, this little bit becomes a lot. We bleach our hair pigment from within, and our hair turns gray and then white. This research, however, is an important first step to get at the root of the problem, so to speak."


The team of Eurpoean scientists, including Gerald Weissmann, made this discovery by examining cell cultures of human hair follicles. They found that the build up of hydrogen peroxide was caused by a reduction of an enzyme that breaks up hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen (catalase). They also discovered that hair follicles could not repair the damage caused by the hydrogen peroxide because of low levels of enzymes that normally serve this function (MSR A and B). Further complicating matters, the high levels of hydrogen peroxide and low levels of MSR A and B, disrupt the formation of an enzyme (tyrosinase) that leads to the production of melanin in hair follicles. Melanin is the pigment responsible for hair color, skin color, and eye color. The researchers speculate that a similar breakdown in the skin could be the root cause of vitiligo.

Charles Masters & Vít Hassan

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Grey_Hair Grey_Hair

grey_hair grey_hair

grey_hair grey_hair

Grey_Hairs grey_hair

grey_hairs. grey_hairs

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Source: Science Daily

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diseño de cd

Muy buen blog de diseño! great blog! thanks from Argentina.

Mr. Blue


The guy's hair in pics one and two is Awesome!...As far as hair color, gray is by far the coolest.


Interesting article.

Current phrase in use among us older folk: Gray is the new blond.

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