Eclectic Color Roundup

Eclectic Color Roundup


Hermés | Liberty Scarves


"Hermès pour Liberty scarves are the ultimate love affair between two of the most iconic fashion brands in the world."


The States by Frank Chimero


"The States is an ongoing personal project meant to be an exploration of form. The rules are simple: take the silhouette of a US state, and fit something inside of it. The whole started out early in 2008, when I noticed that the silhouette of California strongly resembled a snuffed-out cigarette. Upon producing it, I decided to continue the exercise with the remaining 49. The illustrations don’t necessarily have to deal with the culture of the particular state, although occasionally I’ll slip something into the illustration just for fun. Prints are available for purchase in the shop."

The Whimsical Works of David Weidman

Portfolio | grain edit

"David Weidman’s name may not be familiar, but his work certainly is. Weidman began his career as an animator in 1950s Los Angeles, painting backgrounds for Hannah Barbara and setting the standard for the look of cartoons of that era. However, like a true entrepreneur he soon began to work for himself, and went on to establish a style that is today instantly recognizable and iconic..." - grain edit

Chlorophyll Skin by Lucy Mcrae + Mandy Smith:

Vimeo | shape + colour

For an installation at Amsterdam Fashion Week in July, McRae teamed up with Mandy Smith to create “Chlorophyll Skin”, an “experimentation into color, movement, absorption and the body.” The results are eerie; reptilian yet human, familiar yet alien, chromatic yet a little grotesque.

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great one, thanks evad!!

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