Eclectic Color Roundup

Eclectic Color Roundup


Phil Ashcroft


Rooftop Landscape by INABA

INABA | desigboom

Public rooftop landscape created from pool noodles for the X-intiative in Los Angeles.

Chewing in Venice by Simone Decker

Portfolio | booooooom

In the Dark by Tom Paul & Sean Chilvers

Tom Paul | Sean Chilvers \ designboom

By blacking out an entire room, leaving just a small hole, we created a camera obscura (pinhole camera, within a room). The image from outside is projected against the walls, which we covered with photographic paper and left exposed for 3 minutes. The paper was then sealed, developed and put back into the room where it had been created. - Tom Paul

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Amazing pictures! Congratulations. Colors really express life. Very nice
WOW these're cool!

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