Transmonster: Text to Color Transmuter

Transmonster: Text to Color Transmuter

Created by our beloved member Manekineko (who is the creator of one of the most famous palettes here on COLOURlovers, Giant Goldfish), Transmonster is a tool to generate CL palettes by applying a cryptigraphic hash to any string of text. It also has a companion Transmonster Color Lab to help in making blends and variations of existing palettes, not to mention the Transmonster! group: "a group for lovers and the occasional troll surrounding the Transmonster. Thanks for bringing this great work to our attention.

Text to Color Transmuter

The transmonster text-to-color transmuter is a weird machine that takes the text you input and turns it into a 5-color palette, along with information about each color in the new palette.

The resulting palette is not randomly generated, it is the monster's artistic interpretation of the text you entered.

I believe this is the first text-to-color transmuter on the web (big surprise, lol).

Step 1 : visit the Transmonster and type in some text

Step 2 : make a CL palette from the transmutation

Step 3 : share your thoughts and creations here

Step 4 : repeat step 1 ;)

About the Color Lab

The Transmonster Color Lab (aka transmonster_ex) is a palette tool designed to be used with pre-existing colorlovers palettes.

The first step is pasting the palette badge of an existing colorlovers palette into the form at the top right of the page. Alternatively, you can click the random palette link at the bottom of the form to load a random palette from colorlovers.

Transmonster will then create a multiblend of the active palette, and will spawn a series of palettes that have an aesthetic relationship to the active palette.

Clicking on the colors you see in either the multiblend or the spawned palettes will bring up information about that color on the right side of the page. This information includes colors that traditionally harmonize with the active color, the hex code of the active color, harmonies that other colorlovers have used with the active color, whether the color is new, or the name and creator of the active color if it is not new.

Clicking on these color boxes will repeat the process, showing information related to the color you just clicked.

The goal of the transmonster color lab is to aid in the creation of new palettes, which can then be manually input back into colourlovers.

I'd love to have the submission process into colorlovers be easier than copying and pasting the new hexes, if you have any ideas code-wise to help with this (auto-fill the CL palette form etc) please let me know.

Transmuted Palettes From

the_answer_is_both. Feet_..._Wings

Mellifluous Q

Make_A_Porno Sandwich_Artist

Transmute_© Sword_Swallower

Transmuted_Girl_女� Transmutated_Male_�

fart yes._Ive_had_coffee

sleep_tight lunch_break_monster

This_is_me! i_got_mooned

A_Few_Towns_Away Fly_Away

Youre_Beautiful! internet

Gay rawwwrrggg!

Tran(in)spire Sierra_Nevada

$1_bills_smell_like What_in_the_world

Nonsense! Dynamite

transmute_COLOURlove tegdirb

Luke_Skywalker Sexual_Healing

E-I-E-I-O Ha_Ha_Ha!

~~~waves~~~ Obama_For_President

Less_is_a_bore Interesting

TransmuterTransmuted liddle_r_(transmute)

mercenary_transmute the_specific_salt

Motzart. twisted_reasoning

eavesdropping elevator_music

mano_y_mano boring

colourloversTrans Transmute_Me!

Call_me_Ishmael sleep_stealer

left_and_leaving when_Im_dead

weeeee! manekeniko

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I actually have a slight problem with this - did someone make a synesthetic computer programme? Seems to me like you did...


i love The Transmonster
and for you evad...


hobbes would be happy to read this


cool wasn't expecting this :)


Sharing this on Facebook because it is that cool. :)


How did I not know about this?!
I love colors so much.
I love words so much.
That means I love transmonster so so much.
Manekineko, thank you.

Pulp Fiction

I feel stupid, since I can't figure it out xD

Orphan Annie

Woohoo for the transmonster! :)

Orphan Annie

oops, scuse me I got a two for one deal with my comments..


Oh yes! I love the transmonster!


I have been using transmonster for longer than i can remember. It helps inspire me and make those hard colour choices.


Why didn't I make it before??
Cool,thnx manekino and evad :)


Transmonster = awesomeness. :D (I see one of my palettes!)




Haha!! That was fun! =)



Does anyone know where Transmonster has gone?

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