The Colors Of Jeff Canham

The Colors Of Jeff Canham

Jeff Canham’s typographic compositions are like tidal waves of cool; they’re like the Mavericks of type. His use of icons with a variety of type styles give the work excitement, depth, and sophistication. I love the sign painted feel and texture of the work, as well as the color palettes. - grain edit


His installations—little pieces, big pieces, words, caricatures—blend together and invite a taking-in, and while anybody can appreciate what's happening on the wall, a surfer can stand before a piece and feel like they've broken the cipher, like they've gotten a special insight into what's happening. And that's the poignant part: Making us all remember that we're a part of something—sometimes funny, sometimes profound, but something. And that we have roots. - The Surfer's Journal

j.canham:clearcoast jeff_canham:_mollusk

Jeff Canham was raised in Hawaii on a steady diet of Cheerios, Mad magazines and surfboards. At the age of 18 he left home to attend the University of Oregon and though he failed billiards, he did excel in the antiquated art of letterpress, learned to work a Macintosh and eventually earned a BFA degree in graphic design. He's had art shows in New York, Los Angeles, Yokohama and Burlington, Vermont. He currently lives in San Francisco where he does freelance design, works as a sign painter and volunteers at the San Francisco Center for the Book where he answers phones and wishes he were using the letterpress again. - Displacement the Film.

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