106 Floral Patterns

106 Floral Patterns

Today's inspiration comes from the group exclusively dedicated to the floral patterns available here on COLOURlovers. So, here's to the flower lovers, 106 patterns from the group Floral Patterns.

Dandelion_Explosion Hush_Little_Baby

As_Feathers_in_Wind Madame_Ornate

Flowers_Of_Guatemala azurite_floral

cool_country_floral radiance_floral

Happy_To_Meet_You Poisoned

Phoenix_Arizona Sweet_Sixteen

watercolour_floral_3 League_Of_Bowlers

On_My_Part Freedom_to_think

Underslept Feel_the_Energy_!

Impulsive_KID New_Love_knocking

Fall_a_p_a_r_t... Garden_Gloves

Safely_Kept_Here Baby_Doll_Jammies

SOLD!_One_Castle Woodland_Clearing

Monkey_Madness There_Is_No_Ending

pastel_mix_2 Peachy_Keen

Flowering_in_the_Sun Black_Adds_Balance

Summer_is_for_Lovers Impossible_Lampshade

retro_violet feliz

Escape earth_flower

Sorority_Girls tahitian_orchid

A_Hunters_Heart kabloom!

Ni San

new_growth enamel_box

Soul New_Toy

Thank_You__Darius Save_The_Starfish

I_Wont_Be_Mad Fun_Summer_Flowers

Recording_Is_ON Naranja

We_Are_Safe_Inside.. O_b_i

happy_bloom! pretty_feeling

I_Take_It_Back kukkia

i_never_told_you o_m_a

Dream_Burst Celadon_Garden

beginning_of_happy January

radioactive_wate Daydreamer

shame_on_you Retro_Tomato

t-m salade

Smoking_Jacket Balancing_Trick

Hanky_Panky 1950s_Dress

Break_On_Through Carmody

Amethyst_Flora_Print Sylke_Blue_Flowers

Patchouli Damp_Earth

Clover Tomorrow

Pumpkin_Pie 1st_In_The_Queue

Little_Dumpling Sweet_bloom

Apron_Strings rose_grove

fade_away Bring_In_Lilies

Parachutes Birthday_Bunch

maria_papoila Spring_Bouquet

Priestesss_Flowers 200th_lover


Rainforest_Bouquet Puppet_Doll_Flowers

deja_vu fleurange

Gardening_At_Night Lime_Daisy__Violet

Vintage_Musk Floral_Fuel

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Really NICE most of this Flowers
I Hope to see my work post here some day...

kay sizzle

i'm diggin this post....

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