Color Inspiration From An Economic Downturn

Color Inspiration From An Economic Downturn

In recognition of the economic downturn, due to the the United States' housing market correction and subprime mortgage crisis, we thought we'd take a look at one of the other great downturns in modern economics, the great depression, to see if there is some hopeful inspiration that we can look forward to just in case we don't get bailed out at soon as we think.

While most people's perception of the great depression are grim images in black and white, due to most photographers of the time using only monochromatic film, some color photos do exist. And thanks to a historian who in 1978 discovered 700 incorrectly filed color pictures from the depression era taken for the Farm Security Administration in the archives of the Library of Congress, we can get a fresh look at the colors of American history.

Vermont state fair service station

sorting oranges through the field


flying high standing looking off


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Inspiration from the CL library

recessional Recession

Recession Economic Bubble

economics economic hardship

economic Economics

economical planning Economics

Photos from the Library of Congress flickr page

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man, these look like they're right out of a movie! great photos! and i hope someone remembers this time and the second depression...


thanks these are lovely images


these are fantastic. they make the era seem way more... real?


most people’s perception of the great depression are grim images in black and white... -- man, you aren't kidding. I almost can't see these properly... some part of my brain saying, "those have to be from the Fifties, right?"

Great post!


Amazing really where ideas can come from.. just everyday items


It makes you feel like hope should not be lost.


These just made my week. Thank you for taking the time and care to do this!

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