Unusual Color Wheels Found in Life and Art

Unusual Color Wheels Found in Life and Art

The first color wheel (a.k.a. color circle) has been traced back to Sir Isaac Newton, who in 1706 arranged red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet into a natural progression on a rotating disk. As the disk spins, the colors blur together so rapidly that the human eye sees white. Artists have been experimenting with colour wheels ever since, finding inspiration in everything from cocktail umbrellas, river rocks, autumn leaves, pencil shavings, to juggling.

The Happy Hour color wheel consists of exotic cocktail umbrellas. It was created by Bright Lights Little City:



The Rocks color wheel is a collection of stones from Salmon River, Idaho. It was assembled by Purl Bee:



This Yarn Skeinlet color wheel features dyes made of cochineal (ground up cactus-eating scale insects), osage orange, chamomile, indigo and logwood. It was created by Sarah of the Blue Garter blog:



The Circle of Life color wheel was created by Thalandor as a tribute to the artist Mother Nature:



This Kusudama (Medicine Ball) color wheel was created by Origami artist Vanessa Gould:



The Pencil Shavings color wheel was photographed by Myruby:


And a full pencil color wheel was taken by ERK_


This Garden Blossom color wheel is the work of Tiny Haus:



The Juggler color wheel was painted by Kenneth Callicutt:



The Chalk color wheel was photographed near Parc De La Villette, Paris, by Jacobz:


Another chalk color wheel was spotted in Paris by seanhabig:



Cover img by Claire L. Evans.


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Cool photos! I love color wheels.


These are beautiful, especially purlbee's rocks.


Fantastic! Colours rule! :D




Beautyful color wheels and pictures!!!


Wonderful! Beautiful photos.


I've wasted a considerable amount of time staring at these gorgeous photos,(I love pencils and the pebbles) now i really must get on ... going now... no, really I am! ... ok! ok! must move...
but they are so lovely ...
*finally tears self away from the screen*


Oh, these are so wonderful to view! Thanks for the colorful tour. :)


The colour wheels are fantastic. I too have spent an enormous amount of time (but not wasted) viewing these wheels.


fabulous photos of one of my favorite things !


Really creative, playful and fun.


wow. i missed this earlier. i love colour wheels. one day at the bar after school on Friday i noticed that everyone was wearing a different coloured solid shirt. it was perfect. i rearranged how they were sitting into a perfect colour wheel with all 6 colours represented. everyone laughed then made fun of me. "you crazy art people!" but they stayed where i had put them. it was a gorgeous sunny afternoon and i only wish i'd had my camera with me. :(

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