Dipsticks - Colorful Creations by Nick van Woert

Dipsticks - Colorful Creations by Nick van Woert

There was a time when Nick aka thesupermarket once ruled the spot of #1 COLOURlover. He has since moved to NYC to attend Parsons School of Design and has continued his creative genius in the physical world. His latest creations are awkwardly wonderful...


each piece is made of 1 can of paint and a plastic figurine like a super-hero only none of them are super-heros. the sculptures are made by putting the two parts together. i dip the figurine into the can of paint until all of the paint has accumulated onto the figure. the empty can then acts as the pedestal for the finished work. the materials and the process are simple and fixed. the result of the process on the materials is unpredictable and out of my control. it's like an icicle forming on an overhang. simple, pointless, fragile beauty.

Nick van Woert
Nick van Woert
Nick van Woert
Nick van Woert
Nick van Woert
Nick van Woert
Nick van Woert

Nick van Woert
b. Reno, Nevada 1979
Lives in Brooklyn, NY and now works there.

Height: 5184 pixels
Hair: #462D06
Eyes: #663212

2007 Parsons The New School For Design / MFA Fine Art
2002 University of Oregon School of Architecture / B.Arch


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interesting. it doesn't seem that there is a whole can's worth of paint on them.


i'm a little confused as to how it's actually done...but, it's really neat!


I'm amazed they still stand, expert craftsmanship


They're kind of elegant in a bizarre sort of way. I agree with lizcrimson, it just doesn't seem like there's a whole can of paint there. It's interesting. I'm more curious, though, about how Nick came up with this idea.


These are wonderful! Love it!

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