The Colors and Tastiness of Chocolate

The Colors and Tastiness of Chocolate

Chocolate is a favourite treat for so many. It’s been called incredibly addicting and better than sex. Coming in the form of bars, truffles, and even drinks, chocolate has become the keystone in a sweettooth’s diet. Chocolate itself, milk or dark, has a wonderful range of rich browns. Sure, chocolate has vanilla in it, but what on earth is white chocolate?

The Other White Chocolate

White chocolate was first made in Switzerland after World War I. The chocolate was first produced in the United States by Hebert’s Candies after seeing it in Europe a year prior. Finally reaching popularity in the 1980s through the Alpine White Chocolate Bar distributed by Nestlé, white chocolate was raising eyebrows and encouraging chocolate lovers to step outside of the deep, dark box.

white chocolate truffle   

White Chocolate
is comprised of sugar, cocoa butter, milk or milk powder, and vanilla. The lack of cocoa liquor and cocoa solids has limited it in some countries to not even be marketed as chocolate, and it’s because of this that the chocolate appears much more closer to white (although yellowed) than typical chocolate.

Dark Chocolate
In contrast to white chocolate, dark chocolate contains sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, and sparingly — if at all — vanilla. Dark chocolate can be described as bitter, depending on how much sugar has been added. Characterised by deep, rich browns, dark chocolate ranges from deep brown to nearly black. This is because it contains the most cocoa liquor and solids of all — at least 70% or more.

   dark chocolate truffle
milk chocolate truffle   

Milk Chocolate
seems to be caught in the middle. A blend of yet again similar ingredients — sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, milk or milk powder, and vanilla — milk chocolate has been described as smooth and sweet. With cocoa contents up to 50%, it seems that milk chocolate is the middleman of all chocolate, having a mid-range of browns for colour. While it is the most common chocolate, dark chocolate is coming up in popularity.

Whether chocolate or not, connoisseurs have used white chocolate in a number of delectable treats in any amount from the main ingredient to decorations. Using stripes of dark chocolate on white chocolate, or vice versa, for example, make wonderful contrasts while milk chocolate and dark chocolate compliment each others’ warm, deep browns. Together, the chocolates make for soft, welcome colour combinations for whatever size your sweettooth may be.

Some Chocolate Colour Inspiration:

three types of chocolate   range of chocolate
earth and sky

A recent popular combination, and one of my favourites, is to pair blue and brown. The combination has stretched from interior design to stationery. Using chocolate with a cooler colour like blue is a wonderful way to bring in a warm, grounded feeling while still retaining class.

   brown tie on blue shirt


blue and brown brag book   blue and brown bed set


An article over at Apartment Therapy provides a few examples, including this kitchen (below), which turns possible an over-powering robin’s egg into a cozy nest for breakfast.

blue and brown kitchen

What’s your favourite kind of chocolate?

Have you used chocolate browns?

What do you like to pair with chocolate as a colour?

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I really like the aqua & brown combinations. Sara actually decorated my room in these colors... although without the comforter it is now mostly just a brown room...

But here are some of my favorite blue / brown combos:
Am I Good Enough Now
kish & my father
modern mix
xocolatl next wave
This works well with colours other than blue, but with very different effects. Apple-minty green or luxurious purple anyone?

!Must eat chocolate now...
I really like the "range of chocolate" one. Heck, its making me want to get up and go get some chocolate right now!
lawsy23: Show us some of your favourite combinations.

I think chocolate goes with everything. Hah.
I'm having an unusually 'hungry' day...

thanks, this article does not help AT ALL - now I just want chocolate too

oh, the one day i DON'T have any chocolate handy...maybe a fudgecicle will do. i love white chocolate and dark chocolate.
Ahhh the colours in my room!
I have some to share!
smooth talker
one is the lonliest
pretend it happened
1. I really like the "madame x" made by Dilettante. It is a white chocolate, anise flavored truffle. Mmmm!

2. Why yes, I've used chocolate browns!

3. With chocolate browns I seem to pair warm colors. However, I do like more muted browns and blue together very much.

candy coatedmadachocolate lovego go super nanny!
erh... well, I just can't stop...

cherry chocolateraspberry chocolate
These are the shades of emacs web chocolate colors. It seems more orange.
you have to try these! link inside the palette
cocoa santander
whenever they offer the shamrock shake i get it mixed with chocolate. they told me they're going to start making one like that because everyone orders it anyway.
shamrock shake
art of darkness
now its good for you
saurkraut cake
and an homage to a great parisian chocolatier:
and one ridiculously expensive use of chocolate:
$20.00 apple
Who doesn't like chocolate?
The Chocolate Train
Block Parti
from a self-confessed choc-a-holic,

Cocoa Dreams
mmmm... chocolate...*drool*
I'm a chocolate addict, but, it's normal, Belgium is the kingdom of Praline ! ;-)))

Chocolate & Ginger

Belgian Chocolate
What wonderful chocolaty palettes everyone has :) Makes me want to run out and get a steamy cup of Mexican hotchocolate. mmmmmmm.
My favorite chocolate inspired palettes are too many to post here, but you can view them in one convient spot in the Flickr-ing Chocolate conversation on the Chocoholics group here at COLOURlovers.
Chocolate time?
chocolate river

I love brown and blue, they are my two favourite colours... although I would probably say that about every colour :s
sentient sky
one more for good measure:
hexy results
yes. one more for me, too. i forgot about this one.
black coffee & fudge
Mmm... chocolate. I love the chocolate brown, I it's like black, it goes with everything but it's not as harsh.
i love chocolate, but you know what?
i live in sicily, in Modica, a great chocolate is waiting for you, from over the world

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