Text Color Brain Teaser

Text Color Brain Teaser

Phillip Miller Eberz over at OjoHaven.com found this fun little color and text brain teaser posted on a middle school wall in Texas... He took the brain teaser and created a page that reloads a new assortment of colors and words on every refresh of the page. We created an example of the brain teaser below.

How far can you get without messing up?

This is based on a little brain teaser i found posted on a wall at Murchison Middle School, in Austin, Texas, USA. The point is to say the name of the color of each word, and not the color named by the word. So if you saw Blue you would say "Red". I strongly recommend you do this aloud in front of someone who can see the page and check you. You're likely not to notice when you make a mistake.


White Yellow Purple Red Gray Yellow Blue
Orange Pink White Red Gray Red Gray
Blue Purple White Blue Green Blue Orange
Blue Green Red Gray Green Yellow Orange
Pink White Orange Green Orange Green Pink
Yellow Blue Gray Green Red White Blue
Orange Blue Green Gray Blue White Purple
Orange Green Purple Orange Pink Blue Orange
White Red Green White Gray Pink White
Orange Red Purple White Purple White Purple

Click over to the The ColorText Brain Teaser to reload a new set of colors and words.

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lol, reminds me of that BrainAge game.
It is fairly difficult as-is, but a lot easier if I print it on my B&W Laser printer first.

very easy when english isn't your native language :)
lol. retsof, you kill me :D

caviar - good point!

this was fun :)
AHHH this is like torture! ;)
i did pretty well. i've been looking for this to use in school. i saw it once then lost it. thanks. i'll make the kids go to it online and try it with a partner to check them. fun!
I failed outright just scrolling past the five word graphic at the top of the article, because once I started to read the actual article itself I realized I'd mentally casually read the image "Yellow Blue Purple Orange Green" as I'd scrolled past to get to the text.

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