Colorful Glass Art by Dale Chihuly

Colorful Glass Art by Dale Chihuly

Glass-blowing is an art form that I would consider to be the most complex in the sculpting world. Between the need for extreme temperatures and careful technique, it seems beyond me how such wonderful things can be created by glass-working artists, especially because it almost entirely has to be done while the glass is molten hot.

But what can come out of that heat is incredibly beautiful. From paperweights to landscape art, glass is a world of all shapes -- and colours. Considered the greatest living master of glass-working, Dale Chihuly's glass creations show us just that. From warm yellow and bold reds to oceanic teals and deep sky blues, the spectrum of his work is boundless. Looking at Chihuly's collection of Basket creations and Seaforms is enough to show us his extensive colour palette, while his work plays at the pre-conceived notions we have of what glass is.

seafoam-coloured chihuly glass basket

mottled chihuly glass basket

pink chihuly glass seaform

blue chihuly glass seaform

Glass and Gardens

But it's not like Chihuly to work on a small scale. With dozens of installations across the country, he's made wonderfully vivid designs to temporarily stand in the famed botanical gardens. Part of the series Glass and Gardens visited New York's Botanical Gardens last year and the glass creations range from floral look-alikes to dazzling sun-inspired chandeliers. Seen below are some photos of his work in New York.

chihuly glass sculpture at new york botanical gardens

chihuly blue spires at the gates to new york botanical gardens

chihuly hardy pool installation at new york botanical gardens

chihuly glass cranes at new york botanical gardens

To observe more of Chihuly's masterful creations and learn about the man behind the coloured glass, visit his website or find an installation near you to bask in appreciation of their form and vivid colours.

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Chihuly is crazy good...he did a gigantic multi-color piece for the atrium of the fine art museum in Omaha, Nebraska where i live.
He did a huge tower of glass for the art museum here in Oklahoma City, as well. It's their biggest draw, from what I've seen.
Ah! I've read about this guy before and ended up going to his website. Awesome stuff, I could look at it all day.
He was my inspiration throughout High School which incidentally is about a few blocks from the Botanic Gardens in NY. I missed the exhibit but it looks amazing.
I saw a glass chandelier in Columbus, IN. Solid yellow. It's in an atrium with steps around the sides from 1st to 2nd floor, so it's possible to get lots of angles for pictures with outside light. The circular spun decorations on the windows I found even more large all-day-suckers.

Another is in the Library in San Antonio TX and is multicolored, like red, yellow green chili-peppers, but I haven't seen that one.
I worked with this guy at the Contemporary ArtCenter of Cincinnati in the 90's helping to install his show-- he was a totally arrogant rockstar-wannabee. It is sad that this is considered the height of Glass, what the craft has supposedly "risen" to. He does not blow his own glass. he "designs" it. I have handled his design drawings-- they are of low-quality and weak. The real artists are the ones who interpret his messy and dismal designs and create the actual works for him.
AWWW.. superb work.. amazing..
i've always loved chihuly, even if he can be a jerk. there's a great permanent exhibit of some of his work at the toledo museum, where i live. i tried glass blowing one quarter in college. it was incredibly fun and difficult. if it wasn't so expensive i would have pursued it further.

i did this palette a little over a year ago:
Chihuly has been involved in a couple of lawsuits where he is alleging he has the rights to a certain style of work. One lawsuit was settled out of court, with a gag order as part of the settlement.

I have no opinions of him personally but some of what comes out of his studio, I do like. I no longer consider him an artist in that from what I can gather, he isn't involved intimately in the creation of the work. He has 150 people in his studio, that isn't intimate. To me, the artist, to be an artist, has to be involved specifically in a creation and not just a diagram. Even Matisse when he was Ill, cut out paper shapes in bed and had an assistant paste them up, but he was there day in and day out involved in making a specific piece.

That said, I do like the work I see here.
interesting OogeyBoogey, I hadn't heard that -

his art is indeed amazing, but I hate it when a reputation or ego eclipses the work.
Saw his exhibit at Fairchild Tropical Gardens in Miami - Spectacular!
That's sad to hear about Chihuly's studio. Ah well.
I saw the traveling Chihuly glass exhibit in the Orlando Art Museum a couple of years ago and it was amazing. The colors are stunning and the shapes are so lovingly organic that you'd think they'd start moving at any second. The style is definitely a favorite.

As for issue of having so many people working for him, not being intimately involved, etc, any major glass studio that produces mass quantities of pieces involves a lot of people and it is more about craftsmanship and skill than artistry. It takes a team of people to handle just one piece. Anyways, it's about the glass, not the people.
His New York Botanical Gardens Exhibit was really amazing.
Yes I've heard he is like MattyD wrote. But it didn't detract from the beauty of the finished installations .
His New York Botanical Gardens Exhibit was really amazing.
Yes I've heard he is like MattyD wrote. But it didn't detract from the beauty of the finished installations .Sometimes you care about the process. The journey the artist takes and the narrative that develops But in this case the result is so impressive you just don't care who or how they did it, you're just glad that they shared it.

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