Not Only White: Customizable Wardrobe by Lago

Not Only White: Customizable Wardrobe by Lago

Italian art director Daniele Lago has created some wonderful designs for the current Lago collection. One product I find particularly great is the N.O.W. Customizable Wardrobe, with the ability to create any number of color palette designs... it makes the COLOURlover inside me giddy.

It is characterized by an innovative approach to color and a system that is so flexible and versatile that it matches the exact measurements of any desire. It is not a simple modular system, but a product that achieves a perfect fit between the visualized dream and the realized solution.


The 21 to 115 cm modular strips with multiple intermediate widths create the design of the wardrobe giving a new visual pattern as if in a musical sequence.

This is an actual to-the-inch solution not only for the dimensions but also for the senses:

in fact, each strip can be coloured differently.


The innovative door opening system does away with the handles, blending N.O.W. into the architecture of the walls and even creating fresh chromatic moods in tone with its surrounds.


The Lago company is based in the Italian countryside near two of the best known Italian Renaissance cities. Their winning designs are created by highly skilled artists and they pride themselves on three main principles: they must be useful, robust and contribute to the happiness of the home they’re in.

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woo hoo! colourlovers for the real world! kinda like darius' opening in portland, only for the home! i love it.
If I understand that website correctly, the cupboard doors are made with - or is it faced with - gloss and mat glass?
wow, that's a great idea, give me some inspiration for my wardrobe ! ;-)
Ingenous. Much too modern for stodgy Orange County, but very cool none the less.
That's such a great idea! It's easy enough to do on your own with paint, stencils and some blue tape.
i love the colors palettes. Beautiful catalog

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