Color Inspiration from the Scottish Highlands

Color Inspiration from the Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are one of the most sparsely populated regions in Europe and are popularly described as the most scenic. The winding roads guide travelers and residents alike through purple-speckled mountain ranges, tall forests, rolling hills and along lake sides.

heather shrub

Like Ireland, the Highlands are lush with green grasses, but also see a number of colorful shrubs. Most commonly purple, heather -- a type of perennial shrub -- sweeps the area, from mountain tops to roadsides, also appearing in a range from white to pink, and sometimes even red, contrasting with the surrounding green meadows and forests. Although they may brown, the heathers' flowers don't necessarily fall. Other shrubs that sweep the Scottish Highlands range from grey to brown and green to yellow, but when the rain comes, the hills are alive with a vivid green.

heather atop Scottish mountains

But it's not just the plant life that has colour. Carved from thick ice age glaciers, the mountains stand tall, pouring their tumbled grey and brown rocks into the almost purely blue lochs, some of which can even have white sand. The sparse population means that light pollution is minimal, allowing the mountain-crowded sky to feel expansive and blue.

Scottish dirt road

For a land so beauteous, it shouldn't arrive as a surprise that the mountain top views are breath-taking. Being a land so different from even its lowland counterpart, the Highlands are packed with so many unique views and colour blends.

Color Inspiration from the Scottish Highlands

heather   mountain tops

Morning Light Loch and Rocks

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gorgeous. i've always wanted to go there. a friend is going in september and i am sooooo jealous.
where did you get all these images? absolutely beautiful.
Very good.
Have you been ruecian?
I made a palette when i was recently(ish) up North escaping the city,
The highlands are mere hours away :)

(oh, and good job calling them lochs and not lakes ;))
Who could not be inspired by these photos. I'm jealous of you iamgavin to be only hours away. ;-) I hope to be there one day.
it's so breath taking. it's so out of this world! so pure and untouched. i can't wait to actually visit it one day.

Beautiful, I mean absolutely beautiful. I would oh-so love to go there for a vacation or something...-sigh- It really is beauty. The colours are wonderful also, hah, I guess I can't comment on just the wonderful lands of Scotland!
Looks beautiful but, chilly
Just amazing. I want to visit there!
Roots. Homesick now. Lovely palettes made from the photos!
just amazing, any way to larger versions of some of the images, especially the castle (not exactly sure what it is).
Funny . . . this article was written when visiting Scotland was just a dream for me. Two and a half years later I finally read this article and now I can say that I made that dream come true!

The Scottish Highlands are wild with colour . . . and have some of the most amazing beaches I've ever seen!

In short, Scotland is the reason I'm getting married this October. Who'd have thought it would have been the place I fell in love with a Spaniard?
Gorgeous! Was there four weeks ago. Came back with pictures of this same landscape (the mouintains), only covered in snow. Just as beautiful! Would love to go back in the summer and see it like this.

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