Color Inspiration from Mediterranean Style

Color Inspiration from Mediterranean Style

From coastal villas to Renaissance palaces, the countries that span the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea have one thing in common: Style. Looking closely at these beautiful buildings, what makes them especially beautiful are their colors. Cool white walls, warm red tiles, strong blue accents...

Costa del Sol

coastal villa   

Borrowing color from the surrounding sea and sky as inspiration, the Mediterranean has an abundance of deep blues, teals, and tans, but lavenders and greens sneak their way in through the flora of the area. Perhaps in contrast, or for a gentle blend, the homes along the coast at least seem to blend in with the greens and yellows of the surrounding forests, grasslands, shrublands, and scrublands. Perhaps it's the grape fields of Tuscany that bring a love for all things soft and warm to the eye. Even the inner cities of Turkey are characterised by light stone buildings. While many Grecian coastal homes are purely white, some of them have roofs like Spanish homes, can have a yellowed color, and have a stucco finish. The curved tiles on the rooftops tend to be brown or orange traditionally, but can be seen in green commonly.

All the Comforts of Home

Looking inside seems to bring a lot of bronze and wrought iron accessories and are often burnished. Soothing, warm colors and clean whites are in abundance. Mosaic tile designs and white wood are prevalent as well. Furniture ranges from simple and functional to ornate and elegant. If the walls are painted, it seems to follow that using a textured finish -- perhaps to emulate clouds or parchment -- has followed in trend.

Mediterranean living room

Centuries-Old Inspiration

Below is a perfect example of the Renaissance architecture that served as an influence for Mediterranean design. Constructed between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Rákóczi Castle in Sárospatak, Northern Hungary is one of the defining castles of its time. Rákóczi Castle and others like it combine the highest in class and the simplest in comforts to make for wonderful inspiration that an entire region can fall in love with.

Rákóczi Castle in Sárospatak

Pulling from the vast amount of vibrant blues, greens, and oranges, complemented by the clean whites and warm tans, the Mediterranean is a wonderfully inspiring place for both awe and color. A journey through it in photos can inspire romantic dreams, a trip there can ignite them, and bringing pieces of it home can create comfort and beauty for a lifetime.

Mediterranean Color Palette Inspiration

Mediterranean Spanish Tiles

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My Mediterranean-inspired palette...
Lindos Beach in July
Sicilian Summer

Aegean Sea
Beautiful! I just visited Spain this summer and it was definitely an inspiration.
Colors of Rome (all that beautiful warm stucco and marble and cobblestones!)

I Colori di Roma

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