Hot Idea: Color Changing Coffee Lids

Hot Idea: Color Changing Coffee Lids

In nature, some animals like frogs and fish use bright colors to warn other animals that eating them could cause great harm... Soon coffee cup lids could give you a similar bright colored warning that your coffee is in fact scalding hot. (Reminds me of my old Hypercolor T-Shirts.)

Australian company, Smart Lid Systems provides a coffee lid that changes color from a dark brown to bright red when the temperature of the liquids inside is above 115°F. This color changing alert is meant to protect more people from being badly burned by hot liquids. The design of the lid also alerts consumers to improper fitted lids. As drinks cool, the color of the lid changes back to it's original dark form.

Color Changing Lid Demo

Have You Seen Any Other Color Changing Products? Let Us Know.

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Welcome to COLOURlovers swag,

The "hot" was playing on the "heat" that changes the colors... Not as in "New Hot." These lids by SLS actually have been around since 2005... but still haven't showed up anywhere in the US.

Been following this site since it started showing up on Digg. Signed up today simply to commend you on such a professional response to the standard instigation found online. Love the site, love the people, don't like coffee. But color changing lids look sweet. :)

Does the color changing beer label deserve to be mentioned?
..or the color changing tap water?
(Don't have links sorry)
i think its a great idea. i'm always burning my lip on too-hot coffee from the gas station.
That's a really good idea, but I don't like red... There aren't any other colors, are there?

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