The CN Tower Shines with New Color

The CN Tower Shines with New Color

More great pictures by Jerrold Litwinenko.

The Toronto Skyline got a lot more colorful last night. While the CN Tower has been testing it's new lighting system for the last few weeks... they officially flipped the switch last night on their new multi-million dollar lighting set-up. The official ceremonies went off last night with some music, festivities and lots of excited watchers.

Now capable of projecting millions of colour combinations, the CN Tower of Toronto just got a colour makeover. Not only is it looking good... it should be feeling good to, as the new lighting set-up uses 10% less power than the old lighting system.

How the New CN Tower Lights Work

The requried spending for the new system was C$2.5 million ($2.4 million US) for 1,300 shoe-box sized fixtures that will last 10 years. It will use 10 percent less energy than the current lighting effects and 60 percent less than the fully lit tower of the 1990s.

To read more about the new lighting set-up, and to see more photos of the new colors in action, CN Tower Illuminated - Toronto, Meet Your New Skyline!.


A Very Colorful Company

Color Wheel


Boston-based business Color Kinetics was contracted for the CN Tower. Airports, giant ferris wheels, hotels, etc... Color Kinetics boast a pretty impressive list of colorful projects in their showcase.

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If they want more tourists in Toronto, they could color-code those lights so that EVERY day would be totally DIFFERENT. It would enable folks to keep coming back over and over to get different skyline pictures, eh?


..and run colour competitions for guests to the tower. I can picture an interface similar to colourlovers, dotted around the tower. Would get people interested in colour and it's uses.


There was a building I saw last year that was allowing people around the world to change the colors on the side of the building via a website... it would be cool if the CN tower did something like this... but I suppose it could end up changing so often it would look like some sort of psychedelic tower.


You should check out the work of photographer Roger Vail
There are several instances of interactive building lighting setups, with this being just one example. Enjoy.

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