Experience New Color

Experience New Color

Computer monitors are given a range of Red, Cyan, and Green to compose all the colours that we see. While it's not the primary colours we learn in elementary school, these are the colours our eyes work with.

Understanding that, the following article uses the concept of an afterimage to show you a colour that isn't in your monitor.

I'd almost wonder if someone has made the colour you're about to see in the image here. Just follow the instructions, and the brilliant colour comes easily.

See if you can capture the colour from the image's effects.

Make a colour based on what you see, and post it here.

Share what you see.

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That is an amazing illusion! It was really hard to capture the colour because, well, you can't really see it on a monitor, right? But, here's as close as I could get:
My Cyan

This was a very neat idea!
close, but no cigar...

tinapbeana's cyan
it can't be done. i keep trying and coming up with the same as those above, but it just isn't the same. what an interesting illusion!

this colour reminds me of it, and its not green enough:

This isn't it, either...

roc's egg cyan
untrue blue
Wow, interesting. How does this after image thing work? Oo, my eyes hurt (kinda) and I'm seeing some sort of spot in my eyes now...Anyway, mmm, that's probably the true colour of cyan, but I don't think I like it much.
here. i did a palette for this:

my eyes hurt
holy mackerel... that was pretty intense!
This is nowhere near what I saw...

I gave it a try, but it turned out looking more like a watered-down version of the real thing.

I think COLOURlover replaced my palette with a wrong substitute. This is the correct one:

Am I Cyan?
That cyan looked like the blue sky I saw as a
3-year old. This color became my favorite and is still one of my most liked...

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