Rock the Vote.  Love the Little Guy!

Rock the Vote. Love the Little Guy!

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COLOURlovers is in the running for Best Community Website of 2007 against, Delicious, Flickr, Threadless & Yahoo! Answers.

I can't convince you that COLOURlovers is better than any of those sites (I'm a member at Flickr, Threadless & Delicious). I love those sites and I have a huge amount of respect for all the creators of my fellow nominated sites... BUT, they are all making a huge amount of money doing what they love and we're just doing what we love.

You may not fully understand what COLOURlovers is all about, or why the world needs a community for color lovers... but the 10,000 members here think so; and apparently, the judges think enough to nominate us, too.

If my competitors don't win a Webby Award this year, I don't think they're going to miss any sleep over it. This isn't "I Win, They Lose." All of them have already won. They're worth millions of dollars. They've made it.

Yahoo! has 3 sites in this category: Flickr won Best Navigation/Structure & Best Practices last year and is nominated for 2 other categories this year. Flickr & Delicious creators were treated to a nice multi-million dollar acquisition not to long ago, and Yahoo! Answers is a mega project by one of the internet's biggest companies.

Threadless is a great site, no denying it. But there's also no denying the Empire that Skinny Corp. has. Those guys have made it. More power to them and their success.

COLOURlovers on the other hand is a grass roots site, Nowhere near acquisition, Still largely in debt, and Facing sites with x50 the traffic and membership.

So, this is the favor I ask of you, nay, my call to action! Help our little community beat 4 of the biggest communities out there. Vote for COLOURlovers in the People's Voice Awards. Yahoo! & Threadless will forgive you, and they probably even remember when they were the little guy and support you in your vote for COLOURlovers.

P.S. Just to show that I am a lover of my fellow nominees...

If COLOURlovers wins Best Community or the People's Voice, I'm going to personally go further in debt to Buy 100 COLOURlover Supporters Free Pro Flickr Accounts and Free Threadless T-Shirts. So support us in the following ways:


How to Rock It: (Digg it. Blog it. Put it on your Myspace page...)

Digg This Story: Our Digg story was sabotaged & buried by COLOURhaters. Thank you to those who got your Diggs in.

Bookmark it on Delicious: Click Here to Bookmark

Watch the YouTube Video (Favorite It, Comment, Rate It): Click Here

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My Threadless Blog (Comment On It): Click Here to Comment

Just copy the code in one of the boxes below and paste it into your blog, myspace page or anywhere else on the web.

Rock the Vote. Love the Little Guy!

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" style="width: 125px; height: 125px; border: 0 none;" alt="COLOURlovers :: Rock the Vote!" /></a>

Rock the Vote. Love the Little Guy!

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" style="width: 180px; height: 100px; border: 0 none;" alt="COLOURlovers :: Rock the Vote!" /></a>

Rock the Vote. Love the Little Guy!

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" style="width: 300px; height: 250px; border: 0 none;" alt="COLOURlovers :: Rock the Vote!" /></a>

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Hey Darius! We definitely will offer our support. How do you actually vote???


You need to go to and register to vote. The registration box is on the right.

Once you're registered, click the websites category box towards the bottom left and then find the Community under the Connections tab... then vote for CL!

Thanks for the support.


I posted on my blog and I'm registering to vote right now.

Go COLOURlovers!



done with all the love. hope the community wins!


congrats darius, will digg and vote.



I Dugg it. It felt good.


I just registerd and voted at peoples voice awards. I'm gonna try to blog it now! Go COLOURlovers! You gotta love it! (Love the site by the way. - I'm fairly new to this site, but it's hard not to keep checking in to see all the new colors!)



DONE! Voted, bookmarked it on delicious., dugg everything. Even if you don't win, you're still receiving a lot of publicity, so in a way you've already won. :) GOOD LUCK!!!


This really is an amazing community! Your support has been great today and we were looking like our story would go popular on Digg, getting out to thousands of people...

But unfortunately there are COLOURhaters out there and we were sabotaged and buried on Digg so that our story would never go popular.

Oh well, there are 2 more weeks left and many more chances for us to get the word out about CL and give these giants a good run at it.

Please still continue to pass this post around and rally your friends to vote for us at



Woo Hoo! This is awesome. Muchos congratulations Darius! I will post the link to vote on my site and have already voted myself.


Go for it. I just registerd and voted at peoples voice awards.

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